Good Treats

Even good treats are not a meal substitute. Kibble is balanced for doggy dietary needs.

Trick Treats

Frozen blueberries are tiny and delicious, which makes them great for trick training. They're also a great source of dietary fiber so don't get carried away.

Puppy kibble or cat food are not good for a grown dog's meal due to calorie density but as single treats they pack a flavour punch.


Cooked and then mashed, sweet potatoes and carrots can be shaped into biscuits and baked like cookies.

A yogurt ice cube is messy and delicious. Serve outdoors; no exceptions.

An apple slice (no seeds/core) makes a yummy dog biscuit and a snack you can share.


Our dogs love ice cubes. They chase them across the floor and crunch them for the kill. Serve outdoors or watch out for wet spots.

A large raw carrot can be a fun and challenging chew, especially for a teething puppy. Just don't let them eat too much of it and fill up on chunks they won't get much out of, nutritionally. Do not substitute a raw potato.

Dehydrated/baked sweet potato medallions or strips won't last long but they'll be thoroughly enjoyed. Keep in mind dehydrated food shrinks and may expand inside the stomach so practice moderation.

Hard commercial chews can be fine if they soften when wet so your vet doesn't need to go in after sharp shards. Put one in water for a couple of minutes to confirm that it softens, and it will give you an opportunity to note how much it expands when saturated.

Hiding Medicine

Yogurt, frozen yogurt, or ice cream may be eagerly lapped up and swallowed in a fluid rhythm. It's the only way I've had any success hiding medicine.

I've found that hiding pills in chewable food like cheese or hot dogs doesn't work. It has to be something that goes in and down in a hurry.

The best method I know is to give the pill manually, but that can be difficult if you're squeamish about it at all. Open the mouth and push the pill all the way to the back with your fingers, then close and hold the mouth while stimulating the dog to swallow by rubbing gently up and down the front of the neck. Now you can offer an apology treat.