Health and Safety Policies

All of our puppies come with health and vaccination records, and plenty of supplies to get you started.

The puppy may be taken home after weaning or 8 weeks of age, whichever comes last.

Visitation may take place after the puppy is 6 weeks old and has had its first vaccination.

We will not remove any part of the puppy. Tails are limbs that dogs use every day. Dew claws are thumbs and can be used in the handling of objects. Removal of either can result in painful injuries, not just at the time of removal but also later in life.

We don't inbreed or backbreed. We have one dog that is related to others and the house is divided during her time to prevent mishaps.

Females have not mated during their first heat, nor more than once per year. We want to make sure their bodies are fully recovered and at their best for their own safety.

We will take the responsibility of finding a new home if you find you can no longer keep your diamond poodle. No questions asked and no judgment. We will just be grateful the dog didn't end up in a kennel.

Our dogs and puppies live in the same conditions we do and get their daily dose of vitamin-bellyrub.

Other Policies

A nonrefundable deposit of at least 20% is required in order to reserve a puppy until 12 weeks of age. If you need more time to prepare, we can discuss it in advance.

Puppies are introduced to other dogs, cats, elderly, and children within our home.

We are not affiliated with any kennel clubs for reasons that do not negatively impact our dogs. We simply aren't interested in pageants, and clubs tend to require that some breeds have cosmetic alterations.